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To submit a job report, contact us to set up a shared Google Drive document.

Frequently Asked Questions about Consulting with MoreThanSolutions

Q: Are you committed to a certain amount of work?

A: No, jobs are agreed upon on a job-by-job basis dependent upon your availability. You will never be expected to take on work you are not interested in or do not have time for and there is no guarantee of any minimum amount of work by becomming a MoreThanSolutions consultant.

Q: Once you are sent to a job, is that client yours?

A: No, MoreThanSolutions is not just a referall service because we would not be able to offer the suite of services we can by having a selection of consultants.

Q: Who handles billing, billing enquiries, and requests for new work brought up during consulting?

A: In the best interests of client and consultants, all this goes through MoreThanSolutions (see previous question).

Q: Can you still do your own consulting with clients that you obtain outside of MoreThanSolutions?

A: Yes. The only exception is if you agree to a job which would occupy you full time.

Q: Can you refer your current clients to MoreThanSolutions and is there any benefit to you and the client?

A: Yes, yes, and yes. You will receive $5 per hour more than your regular hourly rate, and the client will recieve the extra security of dealing with a company rather than an individual. While you will always have first choice at any jobs that come from that client, if you are away or do not feel a particular job is within your skill base, another consultant can fill in for you. Plus, we handle all of the paperwork.

Q: Is everything billed hourly?

A: Yes (but there are exceptions). We bill everything hourly. This allows us incentivize our clients, many of whom are small businesses, to keep their costs down by being efficient and clear about their needs. This keeps the overhead down for us and cost down for them.